Your Committee

Our Policy

The Society’s policy will be set by the members of the new community company and implemented by a newly elected executive committee.

The Friends want to see the pub run as a free house; probably one third wet sales and two thirds food sales, subject to expert industry advice.

We want the Ship Inn to serve popular, delicious and locally sourced food. Our aim is to make the quality and value our USP. We would expect to offer Saturday breakfasts and Sunday roasts because there is a high demand for them in our area which is not satisfied by the existing establishments.

It is intended the Ship Inn will be open for morning coffee and tea, and serve lunch and dinner.

The management will endeavour to introduce further income streams such as a take-away service and off-sales, and attract more customers with events like tastings and pub quizzes.

The aim is to generate local repeat business, a sense of community, and establish the Ship Inn as a place for local groups and associations.

We believe there are great prospects for the Aldwick community and a revived pub in its midst. There is no competition near it, and we all need a focal point to gather. A community owned pub is the ideal answer in terms of local control. We know there is a strong desire to see the Ship Inn rise again. We just need some help to do it.

Our Organisation

The Steering Group will organise the Share Issue, write the Business Plan, and apply for grants and loans to finance the purchase of the Ship Inn freehold.

Once the bid is successful and at the first meeting of the Society, the Steering Committee will resign en masse, and any member of the Society – the shareholders – will be eligible to put themselves up for election to serve on a new Management Committee.

The Steering Group will advertise for and choose a tenant to run the pub-restaurant operations day-to-day. The chosen candidate must follow the Society‘s policy of developing services to the community.

The tenant will pay an annual rent to the Society and after establishing the business will be expected to make a commercial profit.

The Management Committee will liaise with the tenant to develop the business, its community services, and channel ideas from the membership.

There will be regular meetings between the Management Committee and the members every quarter where policy, developments, suggestions and complaints can be discussed.

We expect member volunteers will help the tenant run services and operations.

Committee Members

Roger Beam, Chair
John Pressdee, Treasurer
Lynn Sullivan, Secretary

David Barton (co-opted)
Michael Cope ( co-opted)
Stephen Cousens
Terry Mullings
Patrick Woodward

The Finance Team

Roger Beam
John Pressdee
Lynn Sullivan